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bibliographic tools: fast and easy

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on December 6, 2013

Besides the SCSU deafault


and the much more discussed




There are about dozen more tools, which you might find your students prefer to use:

citations for mobile devices

3 Good iPad Apps for Creating Citations and Bibliographies

5 Responses to “bibliographic tools: fast and easy”

  1.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:

  2.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:

    Noodletools, EasyBib, Refworks… What’s out there?

    Refworks vs EndNote vs Zotero

    Refworks vs Mendeley vs Zotero

  3.   Lauree Says:

    What a huge list of Bibliographic Tools!
    Hope so they are genuinely fast and easy as stated.


  4.   Plamen Miltenoff Says:

    Newest EasyBib Tutorial: Using EasyBib’s Notebook tool to create digital notecards and outlines. EasyBib works directly with Google Drive for easy exporting and essay writing!

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