Spring Semester Start–D2L Performance

Spring Semester Start–D2L Performance 

Our number one priority during spring semester start is system performance, which we will be monitoring closely. As always, we advise that faculty perform course copying and exporting/importing prior to the first week of classes.  If any system wide performance issues occur, we may need to ask users to avoid certain activities during high usage periods.

If you or your users need to report slow performance issues, please gather all relevant information and include it in the ticket.  It may be helpful to send this list of pertinent details to your faculty in advance, so they are aware of the information we need to replicate and diagnose issues to determine the source of the problem.

Please include this information when reporting D2L performance issues.

Name of person experiencing issue:

Date and time of issue:

Role: (student, teacher, admin)

Course: course OU#

Tool: (Discussion, Grades, etc.)

Steps Taken: (details so we can replicate, i.e., open discussion topic #2, click Post, get error, etc.)

Problem that occurs: (30 second wait, error, etc.)

Device:  (Mac laptop, Windows desktop computer, iPad tablet, Android phone)

Operating system: (Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6, etc.)

Location:  (Home, Campus, Public)

Hardwired or wireless:

Browser and version:

How many browser sessions and tabs were open?

How many other applications were open? (Word, Excel, etc.)

Any attempt to use a different browser, and if so, were the results the same?

Any attempt to try from a different computer, different location and/or different connection type, and if so, were the results the same?

Any attempt to close extra browser tabs, sessions and/or other applications that were running, and if so, were the results the same?


Thank you in advance for your attention to detail when reporting D2L issues.


Further questions and inquiries? Please address to:


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