resources available at SCSU for lecture capture

Please have a list of free and SCSU hosted resources for lecture capturing:

  • MediaSpace (AKA Kaltura)

  • Adobe Connect (please request an account from Greg Jorgensen,, if you don’t have such)

  • TechSmith’s Jing (free)

Other free, shareware and paid sources in our former IMS blog entry:

One thought on “resources available at SCSU for lecture capture

  1. From: Hergert, Thomas R.
    Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 10:00 PM
    To: Subrahmanyan, Lalita; Akubue, Anthony I.; Chavez, Miguel M.; Gulrud, Kristin P.; Klemz, Bruce R.; Miltenoff, Plamen; Mueller, Isolde M.; Park, Yun Jeong; Stanley, Christopher J.
    Subject: Lecture capture

    Some thoughts on lecture capture and flipped classroom.


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