3D printer and charges

From: Amy Jiang [mailto:ajiang@laverne.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 4:21 PM
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Subject: [lita-l] 3D printer and charges

Hello Everyone,

Our library is thinking of purchasing a 3D printer for students and faculty’s academic uses. One possible use is that our faculty would like to print out Smithsonian artifacts and have them available for students. also, we are thinking if students have some ideas they want to print out, they can use the 3D printer as well.

I would like to hear from the list about your experience, recommendation on 3D printer. More specifically, here are my questions:

1. kind of 3D printer you would recommend. There are so many different types of 3D printer. For starting, what kind of price range of3D printer we should be looking for?

2. materials: it seems there are hundreds of materials for 3D printer. which one should we carry and what are the cost?

3. charges: should we charge to people when they print? if we charge, how much would be appropriate?

4. support: do you feel supporting 3D printer is challenging? how much of staff resources it would possibly consume in your organization?

Thanks very much for your information!

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