Big Data AI coronavirus

South Korea winning the fight against coronavirus using big-data and AI

South Korea is using the analysis, information and references provided by this integrated data — all different real-time responses and information produced by the platform are promptly conveyed to people with different AI-based applications.

Whenever someone is tested positive for COVID-19, all the people in the vicinity are provided with the infected person’s travel details, activities, and commute maps for the previous two weeks through mobile notifications sent as a push system.

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  1. Anne Fischhaber
    March 23, 2020 at 3:11 pm (6 months ago)

    I think this is great and kudos to them for containing the spread of the virus. The only issue with this may be privacy concerns – especially when all that information is made public. I can see the push-back since it sounds a lot like stalking and may expose individuals to all kinds of risks!

    In this, as with most of the technology that is so beneficial in real time, there are disadvantages. Is the risk worth sacrificing one’s privacy? Who gets to decide that Big Data and AI can be used in this way? I am playing the devil’s advocate here, but this is worth exploring further as society is forced to transition very quickly to spatial technology to solve 21st Century problems.


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