7 qualities for a leader

7 Qualities That Define a Great Leader

Bill RosenthalCEO at Communispond & Logical Operations


  1. Integrity and Honesty –
  2. Enthusiasm and Empowerment–
  3. Competent –
  4. Personality –
  5. Decision Making –
  6. Communication –
  7. Loyalty –


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  1. Lynette Bobbitt
    August 16, 2018 at 11:41 am (2 years ago)

    How to develop leadership quality

    The demand of a leader prevails in every successful organization development. A leader, whether is of authoritarian or democratic type, should have some leadership qualities. Leader must be one who has interests in common with his followers and who is head and shoulders above the others in ability, leadership skill and tact. Honestly, and high normal character are the outstanding; qualities of a leader. He must dedicated himself to the task of helping his followers. He must win their confidence by love and affection. Besides, he must be prepared to render a greater mount of sacrifice to the community or his followers than what they are capable of. In India, particularly, for a person to be a political leader, a religious bent of mind is also necessary.

    What leaders know – Leadership Quality, knowledge, Leadership Skills and abilities.
    What leaders do – behaviours, habits, styles, creativity and competencies.
    However, when research into leadership, it is mostly concerned with:

    – The inputs of leadership and leaders – Not the outputs – i.e. what leaders achieve.

    leadership qualityThe main question is what makes a successful leader for organization development? There are different types of leaders in the business world. Some of these are natural leaders that have fit into entire lives.

    Others were not born with strong characteristics, but have developed them through training and Development programs.
    The essential qualities of leadership

    – Talented
    – Expert
    – Competent
    – Emotionally Stable
    – Friend, Philosopher and Guide
    – Honesty and Integrity
    – Shield for members
    – Farsightedness
    – Foresightedness
    – Progressive
    – Development oriented outlook
    – Philanthropist
    – Optimistic
    – Feeling for the society as a whole
    – Self Responsibility
    – Knowledge of current trend
    – Dedicated and Devoted, Dynamic
    – Democrat in temperament attitude tolerant.

    Leadership quality is the main important and necessary asset for organization development and community development, like and for thesis paper writing service. If you observed any successful organization, for example https://tutoriage.com/, you will find a successful leadership quality behind all of them.

    A leader is required to guide persons from darkness to light and from ignorance to literacy. People require guidance of leadership in every sphere of organization development. Contact us for free leadership articles, leadership books and resources for today’s leaders for leadership quality development. It does no good to be a leader if you are not educated of how things need to be run. Every organization need to help their employee find individual leadership qualities for their organization development.

  2. Alex
    October 5, 2018 at 6:11 am (2 years ago)



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