Colleges’ Plans for Reopening

Here’s a List of Colleges’ Plans for Reopening in the Fall

APRIL 23, 2020

Beloit College — shifting to a “module based semester” to allow flexibility to move toward either online or in-person classes

Boston University — leaning toward in-person classes

Brown University — leaning toward in-person classes

California State University at Fullerton — starting fall semester online

Centre College — block-scheduling courses in shorter segments to allow flexibility to shift toward either in-person or remote learning

Clemson University — exploring a range of scenarios, from in-person classes to entirely online

Cornell University — no decision expected until June

Montana State University — planning for the return of students in the fall, subject to guidance from a task force

Ohio State University — leaning toward in-person classes, with a final decision by late June

Purdue University — planning to start fall semester in person if testing and contact tracing allows

San Jose State University — planning to conduct classes mostly or entirely online

Southern New Hampshire University — planning to allow students to move into dorms, and is offering full tuition scholarships to incoming freshmen

Stanford University  expects to make a decision in May, but might delay fall quarter till winter

University of Arizona — planning to hold in-person classes

University of Central Florida — leaning toward in-person classes

University of Maine system — planning for in-person classes

University of Maryland system — planning to start in-person, but some larger classes may be online

University of Michigan — hoping to hold classes in-person

University of Missouri — planning for in-person classes

Washington State University — planning for in-person classes

Wayne State University — leaning toward starting fall classes online

West Virginia University — exploring a range of scenarios, from in-person to entirely online

William Jewell College — intends to open for fall semester

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