Prospect project

The Prospect project at UNC’s DIL

Prospect is a WordPress plugin.  In an overly wordy sentence, Prospect is a domain-agnostic framework for data visualization in support of the digital humanities.

The concept is a simple one.  We take data, and we represent it with images.  We all get that part of it.  The importance of that kind of work relies on the fact that we are humans, and we understand visual structures better and with more fidelity than we do tables of data.

Digital humanities isn’t just limited to the humanities – the design concepts that guide that field are relevant to all domains.  At that level what we’re really talking about is a digital literacy, and one that will be instrumental in many of the possible futures that exist for our students.

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  1. Plamen Miltenoff
    November 5, 2015 at 8:20 pm (4 years ago)

    From: The EDUCAUSE Blended and Online Learning Constituent Group Listserv [BLEND-ONLINE@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU] on behalf of AJ [keltona@MAIL.MONTCLAIR.EDU]
    Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2015 2:49 PM
    Subject: [BLEND-ONLINE] Digital Humanities Projects
    Greetings fine colleagues,

    I’m hoping you can help me gather a collection of awesome projects that represent efforts in the area of Digital Humanities.

    I already have (if you’ve not seen it, some neat stuff there). I’d love to get details on projects and ideas from your own experience at your institutions, but I’d also be appreciative of any projects you’ve stumbled on along the way that you think might be useful.



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