switching OS

Are you considering switching an operating system (OS)?
Do you have an old computer (hardware), but you don’t want to through it out yet (environment)?
These and other questions discussed as comments to the following article:


I canโ€™t afford to upgrade my Vista PC. What can I do?

Firefox is about to stop supporting Windows Vista and websites are not working. Is there a cheap or preferably free solution?

selected comments under the article (practical, funny, for pundits and novices):

Ujjwal Dey Fedora is nice but it’s for more experienced users. Setting it up for everyday use is no rocket science, but still requires a bit of work with bash or whatever shell Fedora provides these days. For easy migration Mint is the best IMO.

Fraser McCabe Maybe Linux Mint or Manjaro.
If you want to test them first, you can create a bootable USB thumb drive first
Ubuntu is ideal for older machines. I run Kali and Lubuntu on an old P4 for basic pen tests and VM. I use Tor and Private VPN. No probs. Slow compared to modern systems. Yet functional. I have a lot of old Machines that I collect for Free to network and simulate environments to penetrate with virtual emulators. Works perfectly fine.
The article doesn’t mention the excellent Microsoft Office alternative – Libre Office.
It’s completely free, comes ready-installed with Ubuntu Linux, and in most cases can read and write to Microsoft Office format documents.
(there’s also a version of Libre Office that runs on Windows – again, an excellent free alternative)
Easiest way is to install a pirate version of Win 7 for free, then you buy a Win 7 activation key on Ebay for like $5. Where there’s a will, there’s a way ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Buy a second hand laptop from somewhere like CeX for about ยฃ60 with Windows 7 or 10 installed, assuming you can afford that.
Stop using Firefox. Switch to Chrome or Internet Explorer.
I’ve been “off the line” for years now. My advice: read a bloody book!
Blame Brexit

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