Of Mice and Men: iPads, smartboards and how we acquire technology for education

in the latest news about scandals regarding technology acquisition for schools, it is only fair to ask ourselves:
how much involved do we WANT/NEED to be in the decision making process regarding such timely issue.
How much do we need to educate ourselves on 1. technology? 2. application of technology in education? compatible choices of technology, including performance, prices and brands? Do we discuss such issues or just let people above us and/or elected by us make the choices? What is your opinion?

What is your opinion about open source and alternative mobile devices?

The LA School iPad Scandal: What You Need To Know


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  1. Plamen Miltenoff
    April 13, 2017 at 3:10 pm (3 years ago)

    Isabell’s perceptions about the integration of both Smartboard and iPad technology could be connected back to her lack of knowledge. She still felt that the Smartboard technology was a more valuable technology tool than the iPads, even though she was utilizing it only as a projector. In classroom observations, Isabell did not use the Smartboard function during instruction. Upon inspecting the Smartboard pens we found the batteries were dead, and the Smartboard software on her computer needed updating. The possible uses of the Smartboard had been diminished due to the lack of upkeep and knowledge about how to maintain and use the technology.
    Minshew, L., & Anderson, Janice. (2015). Teacher Self-Efficacy in 1:1 iPad Integration in Middle School Science and Math Classrooms – CITE Journal. CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN TECHNOLOGY AND TEACHER EDUCATION, 15(3). Retrieved from http://www.citejournal.org/volume-15/issue-3-15/science/teacher-self-efficacy-in-11-ipad-integration-in-middle-school-science-and-math-classrooms


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