cloud-based SideVibe elbows the market of Evernote and Diigo

SideVibe is a cloud-based tool similar to Evernote and Diigo, which successfully took over the bookmarking Delicious

Besides “anwhere/anytime” bookmarks, the new generation of Diigo, Evernote and SideVibe offer taking, of screen snapshot, notes, drawings etc., thus making them perfect for educational purposes

Here is a K12 teacher’s account on the use of SideVibe in class:

resources available at SCSU for lecture capture

Please have a list of free and SCSU hosted resources for lecture capturing:

  • MediaSpace (AKA Kaltura)

  • TechSmith’s Jing (free)

Other free, shareware and paid sources in our former IMS blog entry:

On social media, privacy, etc.

Twitter, Rape and Privacy on Social Media – The Cut


Three thoughtful and thought-provoking essays about teaching social media use:

“Why students should not be required to publicly participate online” online at

“Notes on Student Privacy and Online Pedagogy” online at

“Why the Loon does not assign public social-media use” online at

I don’t necessarily advocate the point of view expressed in these posts, but I do think they merit both attention and discussion in a course focused on social media.

Keith Ewing

Professor, Library Systems & Digital Projects



Technology Week: File management

Technology Week: File management

  • Monday
    Basics of file management
  • o   Tuesday
    Accessing my files from anywhere and anytime
  • o   Wednesday
    Storing, preserving and archiving files. Forever?…
  • o   Thursday
    Organizing and transporting files and folders
  • o   Friday
    Data handling and analyzing

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9 Ways to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content

9 Ways to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content

1) Choose Topics People Care About

2) Rewrite That Headline!

3) Make Posts More “Skimmable”

4) Don’t Skimp on Pictures or Graphics

5) Improve Ease of Sharing

6) Prime the Pump

7) Build Your Social Foundation

8) Don’t Be Selfish!

9) Connect with Current Events or Memes

What have you done to increase Social Sharing?

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