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“Learn Google Apps” Site

Posted by Julia Robeck on 2nd March 2015

Google has their own site to help you learn how to use Google Apps, Learn Google Apps. The site has tips on switching from other systems, tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, videos, examples of using Google Apps and much more. You can also learn by each app individually. There’s even an weekly episode of the […]

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Microsoft Word in Google Docs

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 21st April 2014

You know that you can export a Google Doc into a MS Word format. Did you know that you can open a MS Word doc in Google Doc? Here is how:

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How BYOD Programs Can Fuel Inquiry Learning | Four Smart Ways to Use Cell Phones in Class. Backchanneling.

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 7th January 2014

How BYOD Programs Can Fuel Inquiry Learning. Backchanneling. creating a learner profile, a set of criteria the school district wanted students to learn while in school. That profile includes: seek knowledge and understanding; think critically and solve problems; listen, communicate, and interact effectively; exhibit strong personal qualities; and engage and compete in a global […]

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easy, cheap and cloud-based way to harvest information: beyond Surveymonkey

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 16th November 2013 8 Web Form Builders for Your Site 1. Google Docs 2. Wufoo – only 3 msgs for free. Just lost one of the five possible stars 3. FormSite 4. FormAssembly 5. Formstack 6. Gravity Forms 7. JotForm 8. reFormed

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Collaborative cloud-based tools to consider, Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Posted by Plamen Miltenoff on 30th October 2013

5 Free Cloud-Based Document Collaboration Tools to Power Your Productivity Evernote Learn More about Evernote with These Excellent Video Tutorials ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  Google Docs Kaizena: add audio comments to the  content of your Google documents  MindMeister (paid, might want to skip it) Trello WordPress—collaboration-tools.html#! Lino Doodle  – Meeting Wizard Google Drive, formerly known […]

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